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Let's Get High: Aerial Silks Workshop

$40 per classPurchase required to enroll
It’s time to take our practice higher! This workshop is the perfect opportunity for all of our budding silks students to reach new heights. Come enjoy the view available to you on the outdoor rig where it really feels like you’re dancing in the air—even if you’re only a few feet off the ground. Wow your friends and family with photos of you against a backdrop of trees while you strike an aerial pose. Feel free to dress for photos, as costumed as you’d like (so long as it doesn’t pose a safety risk; ask Willow or Whitney if you have something questionable). As long as you can climb to the top of the patio silks and also get into a footlock from a climb, you are ready to get high.

Pre-requirements: You must be able to climb to the top of the patio point as well as execute a footlock in the air.

Clothing/equipment requirements: Leggings (or similar) that can cover tops of feet with toes exposed; leotard or snug-fitting shirt that can be tucked into your pants to protect your midsection from fabric burns. Please avoid wearing zippers, rings/necklaces, piercings and any jewelry for this workshop.

Registration for this workshop is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Class passes cannot be used towards workshops. This workshop requires a pre-registered minimum of 4 students at least 24 hours in advance.